T is for The End :(

22 06 2010

Your Grade Seven year and blogging have come to an end. Hopefully you enjoyed experimenting with blogging in Language Arts as much as I have this year. You have all turned into amazing writers over the course of this year.

Your blogs are all yours now – I won’t be reading them or marking them any more! Feel free to keep blogging whenever you get the urge and keep up your site or delete it or just simply leave it up for you to stumble on when you’re 83!

Have a great summer Grade Seven’s. I’ll miss working with you again next year but be sure to come and visit me in Lower School!

Ms Weldon

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F is for Future

11 05 2010

This weeks post will be the last entry you add to your blog for school purposes. Now of course all of you will continue posting regularly because you are such amazing bloggers but it will no longer be for class.

You are free to continue with your alphabiography for this last post or you can take up my last teacher challenge for you. Imagine it is 70 years from now, you are 82 or 83 and you remember that long ago in grade 7 your amazing LA teacher had you create a blog. In a moment of brilliance you remember your web address and look up your super-cool grade 7 blog and discover a post you wrote to yourself when you were 12.

What would that post say? What do you want your 83-year-old self to remember about your 13-year-old self? What do you think your 13-year-old has to teach your 83-year-old self? Write your last grade 7 LA post to your future self. Use everything you’ve learned about writing this year to write a post that the 83-year-old you will be proud of.

C is for Comments

6 04 2010

Now that you are professional bloggers, we are going to spice third term up a little bit and work on commenting on each others blogs.

Each week you are required to comment on one other blog. You will be assessed on this comment. All the information you need is at the bottom of your revised rubric. The essential information you need to keep in mind when commenting every week is posted below.

Be sure to tell Ms Weldon whose blog post you have commented on each week – otherwise she will never find them. Simply write the following at the bottom of your weekly post and link the student name to the post: “I commented on [student’s name] blog post this week.”

Comments should:

  • Show that you have READ and THOUGHT about the post.

N is for New Deadlines

5 04 2010

Welcome back to your blogs Grade Sevens!

For the rest of Term Three 7A will blog during Wednesday’s class and 7B will blog during Tuesday’s class. To help some of us stay on top of the weekly post we’re going to try moving the deadline up.

7A your posts must be online by midnight Thursday.

7B your posts must be online by midnight Wednesday.

As always, if something comes up and you can’t make the deadline let me know.

A Family Day Treat!

10 02 2010

Kick back and relax this weekend bloggers, you’ve earned it! Slap an “On Vacation” sign on your computer and take a well deserved break.

There will be no blog post required for this Tuesday or next as you focus on your Greek Mythology Project. Your next and 6th installment of your alphabiography will be due on Tuesday March 2nd at midnight.

Deadline Reminder

25 01 2010

Blog posts are due on Tuesdays by midnight so that I can mark them Wednesday in time for Thursday’s class.

Totally You – Alphabiography Blogging Assignment

5 01 2010

What? An alphabiography tells stories of your life in short posts, with each chapter focusing on someone or something important to you.

Who? It’s all you. You are both the writer and the main character.

We will be working on this project during our blogging classes for the remainder of the year. Your posts will be marked weekly and must be online by Tuesday at midnight.

Where? You will have one class period a week to write. Depending on how well you use your time in class you may have to complete some posts at home in order to meet the weekly deadline.

Why? The purpose of the assignment is to reflect on your life and identity and tell the reader your story. Each chapter will end with a short “Life Lesson,” something you believe in, something you’ve learned about life, possibly something you want to teach the reader, or an explanation of why the person or event in the chapter title is important to you.

How? You do not have to write in alphabetical order. Each post will have a title that begins with a new letter of the alphabet. For example, F could be for Family, Friends, Football, The Fugees, Felicia, a Ford F-150 truck, etc.

We do not have enough weeks left in the year to do one letter per week. You are required to complete a minimum of 20 letters between now and June. Your goal should be to try and complete all 26 but this will require writing more than 1 post in some weeks.

The posts will vary in length. Most will be just two or three paragraphs but aim to have 3 or 4 posts that are a little more involved. It is quality not quantity that is most important.

The final line of each post must be your “Life Lesson” and each lesson should only be 1 or 2 sentences.