T is for The End :(

22 06 2010

Your Grade Seven year and blogging have come to an end. Hopefully you enjoyed experimenting with blogging in Language Arts as much as I have this year. You have all turned into amazing writers over the course of this year.

Your blogs are all yours now – I won’t be reading them or marking them any more! Feel free to keep blogging whenever you get the urge and keep up your site or delete it or just simply leave it up for you to stumble on when you’re 83!

Have a great summer Grade Seven’s. I’ll miss working with you again next year but be sure to come and visit me in Lower School!

Ms Weldon

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T is for Too Many to Choose From

26 04 2010

You were challenged last week to focus on being insightful writers and many of your rose to the challenge. In fact, many of you rose to the challenge really well! So much so that there are too many great examples of insightful writing to choose just 1 or 2 to highlight here. So check these writers out for different ideas and examples of how you can write with insight:

Hannah, Michael, Andy, Emma, Hayley, Emily, Lyndsey, Liam and Kate.


Pooja, Emilie, Emelie, Robert, Laurel, Emma, Tommy, Erika, and Libby

Keep up the insightful writing!

R is for Rich Re-Tell

14 04 2010

Everyone loves to tell and re-tell and re-tell again to anyone who will listen about important things that happen in our lives. When you’re re-telling an event have you ever noticed that sometimes your audience is hanging on every word and then other times they are clearly tuning you out? Why is this?

I think it has to do with the passion of the story-teller. When someone tells me a story and I can see what has happened to them in my head and imagine what it would be like to be them, I hang on to every word. But when someone tells me a story and just sticks to a list of events, well I tend to do my best to politely listen.

There is nothing wrong with sharing an event that has happened in your life with your blogging audience, but do your very best to create what this event looked like, smelled like and felt like so your readers can join you as you re-live the adventure.

For a tremendous example of one way this be done take a look at Jenny’s post E.

N is for New Deadlines

5 04 2010

Welcome back to your blogs Grade Sevens!

For the rest of Term Three 7A will blog during Wednesday’s class and 7B will blog during Tuesday’s class. To help some of us stay on top of the weekly post we’re going to try moving the deadline up.

7A your posts must be online by midnight Thursday.

7B your posts must be online by midnight Wednesday.

As always, if something comes up and you can’t make the deadline let me know.