F is for Future

11 05 2010

This weeks post will be the last entry you add to your blog for school purposes. Now of course all of you will continue posting regularly because you are such amazing bloggers but it will no longer be for class.

You are free to continue with your alphabiography for this last post or you can take up my last teacher challenge for you. Imagine it is 70 years from now, you are 82 or 83 and you remember that long ago in grade 7 your amazing LA teacher had you create a blog. In a moment of brilliance you remember your web address and look up your super-cool grade 7 blog and discover a post you wrote to yourself when you were 12.

What would that post say? What do you want your 83-year-old self to remember about your 13-year-old self? What do you think your 13-year-old has to teach your 83-year-old self? Write your last grade 7 LA post to your future self. Use everything you’ve learned about writing this year to write a post that the 83-year-old you will be proud of.