T is for Too Many to Choose From

26 04 2010

You were challenged last week to focus on being insightful writers and many of your rose to the challenge. In fact, many of you rose to the challenge really well! So much so that there are too many great examples of insightful writing to choose just 1 or 2 to highlight here. So check these writers out for different ideas and examples of how you can write with insight:

Hannah, Michael, Andy, Emma, Hayley, Emily, Lyndsey, Liam and Kate.


Pooja, Emilie, Emelie, Robert, Laurel, Emma, Tommy, Erika, and Libby

Keep up the insightful writing!


I is for Insight

21 04 2010

If you take a close look at your Blog Post Rubric the words “insight” and “insightful” both appear. Being insightful is what separates a Level 3 from a Level 4, but what is insight? What does it mean to be insightful?

We chatted about this in class and discovered that the official definition for insight is “the capacity to gain an accurate and deep intuitive understanding of a person” but that doesn’t really clear much up. The thesaurus proved to be a little more helpful. Insight is the same as having an understanding of, appreciation of, a revelation about or introduction to an issue or topic.

Writing to demonstrate insight on a topic is hard to do – that’s why it’s worth a Level 4! There also isn’t one right way to go about it. Check out a few examples below that demonstrate insight to help you better understand the concept.

Emma’s post on Listening, Jordan’s post on Inspiration, Darcy’s post on Home, or Hayley’s post on Vandalism

If you’re trying to think of a topic that will help you create a post that is insightful, try and think of something that you have an opinion on that maybe not everyone agrees with – explain your opinion really well and ask questions of your audience that forces them to think about their own ideas.

T is for Terrific Tributes

21 01 2010

All of the bloggers highlighted below paid tribute to something important to them – and did an excellent job!

Hayley and Emma – well organized
Robert – who knew a 12 year old could be so thoughtful?!..and a more effective writer with each post
Emelie and Alex – let their sense of humour and personality shine through with every word
Libby – a sweet story, that put a smile on my face…although I’m not sure it was meant to πŸ˜‰

Snaps For…

25 11 2009

We are closing in on the end of first term and you are now officially blogging experts. All of your writing has improved over the course of the term with just 6 posts. At this time last year I was reading your 9th journal entry and there was not nearly the same amount of improvement. It is great to see that having an audience is helping the quality of your writing. Keep it up!

I encourage you to read some of the posts made by your fellow students. If you are looking for solid level 3 and 4 examples take a look at these:

Organization – Robert
Well-developed answers – Erika
Creative introductions – Emilie V
Awareness of a larger audience – Andy
Insightful – Lyndsey

These aren’t the only success stories in the land of grade 7 blogging but you guys have created too many options! I had to start somewhere.

I will highlight strong posts more regularly from this point on. Aim to have your name on my list for your next post!